How We Work

What’s it like to Work with Clear Focus Solutions?

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When you work with us to improve leadership performance, you can expect to develop leadership behaviors that facilitate high-performance teamwork to achieve specific organizational performance metrics, which in turn, lead to achievement of strategic business goals.

When you work with us to develop high-performance coaching skills, you can expect to develop practical skills that can enable you to hold time-efficient, yet highly effective coaching discussions with others to help them to find solutions to increased performance.

When you work with us to develop and implement a career transition, you can expect to create a clear game plan for your search and develop the skills you need to be successful in the execution of your plan. Importantly, this game plan will address the “mental game” in addition to the behavioral skills needed to be successful.

Principles that Inform Our Practice

1. We focus on solutions thinking

We focus on identifying what is working in your leadership style, your team or organization and how to amplify it to make useful changes. We focus on what is possible rather than on what is not possible. To this end, the basic principles of our approach are simple:

  1. Identify what works and do more of it; and
  2. stop doing what doesn’t work and do something different.

2. We use practical, proven approaches

Our approach is to continuously learn the most effective approaches to identify the “best practices” in coaching and consulting. We are pragmatists and seek out the tools that will get the job done, in the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way. To this end we subscribe to an “evidence-based” approach to supporting our clients.

3. We use brain-based approaches for learning, change & development

New discoveries in neuroscience are informing best practices for coaching people to rapidly change behavior and improve performance. We seek out and weave these discoveries about how our brain learns, changes and develops, into our practice of developing others. To this end we coach our clients to think about their thinking to develop clarity and to focus intentionally on what is desired.

4. We develop emotional and social intelligence as a necessary critical component of effective leadership

There is considerable evidence that highly effective leaders have a high degree of “emotional and social intelligence”, that is, they are

  • self-aware,
  • have the ability to manage their own emotions,
  • can tune in to others to read their emotional reactions and
  • know how to use all of this information to build productive relationships with others, so that others want to follow them.

To this end we seek to develop “emotionally intelligent” relationships with our clients and partners and co-create win-win solutions.

5. We develop learning to learn (learning agility) skills

Developing the ability to adjust, adapt, and be resourceful in the face of change is a key characteristic of the most effective leaders. They simply have more strategies in their toolbox to help them learn what to do when facing novel or first-time situations.

Research from the Center for Creative Leadership shows that leaders learn 70% from work experiences, 20% from developmental relationships, and 10% from formal learning experiences.

To this end we seek to leverage our coaching relationships with leaders to help them learn-to-learn more effectively and efficiently from their work experience – to become “learning agile”.