Team Development Coaching

Sometimes team development calls for Team Coaching; sometimes it calls for Team Training; sometimes it calls for Team Building; and sometimes it calls for the use of a trained and experienced discussion Facilitator.

We understand the differences and similarities among these approaches and employ the approach or blend of approaches that is most useful to obtaining the results you and your team desires.

For simplicity sake we refer to all of these as team development coaching and typically implement a systematic approach which includes the following stages.


1. Orientation to Team Development Coaching

Involves initial discussions with the team leader, and possibly team members to determine the scope for the team development engagement.

2. Discovery of Team Issues

Individual interviews with and possible completion of team assessments by team members to understand the strengths, developmental opportunities and desired outcomes for the team.

3. Team Discovery Feedback & Planning Meeting

A face-to-face team meeting is held to review the finding from the background interviews and assessments to set the overall objectives for the team development engagement, including how the outcomes of the team development process will be evaluated.

4. Team Development Coaching

Facilitated team discussions, problem-solving, decision-making and action planning to address priority issues of the team. The team coach observes and helps the team leader and team members to find ways of working together to optimize the success of the team.

5. Individual Development Coaching

Focuses on utilizing observations from the team development coaching phase to coach individuals on their abilities to participate most effectively in the team meetings and to use these skills with their own direct report teams.

6. Reflection and Planning Next Steps

The coach conducts a debrief meeting with the entire team to review accomplishments of the objectives and to chart next steps forward for the team.

7. Closure and Evaluation

Closure meeting with the team leader to discuss ongoing leadership needs for the team.

Our goal is to leave the team with a deeper understanding of what works to optimize their team success and with a methodology for on-going team development.